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Biblical Solutions For Daily Living
I believe this is the greatest secular publication in our times for understanding the Bible accurately and logically as it applies to our daily living.
I share with complete strangers on the street how my resolution for this year is making greater Godly routines in 2015. I received this book following my New Year's resolution. I then share the statistics on page 10, of the book, concerning biblical illiteracy and the quest people have in finding answers (since 9/11). I also share the benefits of reading the Bible from pages 11 and 12. Each and every person I have spoken with has taken out a piece of paper and written down the name of the book, and the name of the author. Even last night on a long distance call with a cell phone representative, before ending our call, I mentioned how she had been so kind in helping me I had to let her know of my greatest find in the New Year. I told her about the book. She said, "hold on, let me get a piece of paper and write this down." After gathering the information from me she said," I am going home to order this book as soon as I get off work." Dr. You is right about the quest our culture is on.
Thank God, we now have a piece of literature the common man can empower themselves with in understanding the literature of ALL times!

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