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Biblical Solutions For Daily Living
I believe this is the greatest secular publication in our times for understanding the Bible accurately and logically as it applies to our daily living.
I share with complete strangers on the street how my resolution for this year is making greater Godly routines in 2015. I received this book following my New Year's resolution. I then share the statistics on page 10, of the book, concerning biblical illiteracy and the quest people have in finding answers (since 9/11). I also share the benefits of reading the Bible from pages 11 and 12. Each and every person I have spoken with has taken out a piece of paper and written down the name of the book, and the name of the author. Even last night on a long distance call with a cell phone representative, before ending our call, I mentioned how she had been so kind in helping me I had to let her know of my greatest find in the New Year. I told her about the book. She said, "hold on, let me get a piece of paper and write this down." After gathering the information from me she said," I am going home to order this book as soon as I get off work." Dr. You is right about the quest our culture is on.
Thank God, we now have a piece of literature the common man can empower themselves with in understanding the literature of ALL times!
Biblical Solutions For Daily Living
This isn't a book to be read once. Aleta You uses her own life experiences and simple, logical principles from the Bible and applies them to modern daily life. There's no "take it on faith, brother" here, but solid scripture references and concrete advice that you can use right now. You'll find yourself going back to it again and again.
Biblical Solutions For Daily Living
Aleta provides awe-inspiring images and in-depth truths regarding the greatness of God's Word on her website! Whether you're God-hungry or God-curious, her website illuminates and touches any walk of life. I would highly recommend anybody viewing her site!
Biblical Solutions For Daily Living
Biblical Solutions for Daily Living is a very practical biblical guide for understanding how life works from a spiritual perspective. Aleta You combines hundreds of scriptures and sound Biblical logic to teach how to have a relationship with God that will make a difference in every area of life. In addition, there are many useful suggestions and encouragements in the book. By putting into practice "Practical Keys to Applying the Bible" found at the end of each chapter, I have developed a closer relationship with my heavenly Father as well as a greater understanding of His Word.
Biblical Solutions For Daily Living
A compassionate, beautifully written guide to living your life based on the wisdom and blessings that come with an understanding and acceptance of Biblical principles. Dr. You brings her years of exploration and Biblical research to answer many of our everyday problems and concerns.

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