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This intelligent book weaves classical philosophy and literature into an understanding of how the Bible reveals the nature of God.

In Biblical Solutions for Daily Living: Developing a Vital and Personal Relationship with God, Aleta You, PhD, provides a well-researched and accessible guide for practical uses of the Bible. Through personal testimony, prose, and exercises designed for additional study, You successfully demonstrates the importance and relevance of the Bible for everyday life. You begins with a personal narrative. At an early age, she starts on a quest to understand the nature of God. As an adult, she studies philosophy and different religions and also faces
personal challenges. Through these experiences, she comes to the conclusion that the Bible is a gift provided by God to understand God’s true nature. In the text, You presents this argument with support in the form of scripture.

Subsequent chapters describe the attributes of God, the competition between good and evil on the personal and spiritual plane, the importance of the Holy Spirit, and the usefulness of the Bible for good health and creating a mind/body balance. All of the chapters include personal testimony at the beginning and end, as well as a set of thought-provoking questions and a list of biblical passages for further exploration. You also seamlessly weaves in her understanding of philosophy and the classics to exemplify her points.

Biblical Solutions for Daily Living provides a comprehensive analysis of a complex text. You points out that many people feel the Bible is important yet have not read it; as such, the purpose of her book is to encourage biblical literacy. You includes biblical passages from the Old and New Testaments, drawing inspiration from Psalms, Proverbs, and the Gospels and addressing the Book of Revelation. All of the information is presented in well-organized sections.

Though the volume’s language is accessible to a broad audience, its message is specifically for evangelical Christians and others who believe that the Bible is the inerrant word
of God . . . A level of biblical understanding and an appreciation of the Bible are prerequisites for fully embracing You’s arguments.

You presents the culmination of her spiritual journey to form a personal relationship with God. Biblical Solutions for Daily Living provides the tools necessary for the formation of a
spiritual practice including biblical study. Clergy, lay leaders, and Bible study facilitators will consider this book an important resource.

Kirkus Indie Review

Approaching religion with an academic sensibility, this autobiographical guide advocates the Bible as a text for intensive study, one to be regularly revisited by the faithful.

With a background in traditional Western philosophy, You develops her spiritual guide as a supplement to the postdoctoral academics that left her hungry for true wisdom . . . You demonstrates the breadth of her biblical knowledge by referencing numerous, often lesser-known stories from the Bible, including Asa as proof that God protects loyal followers and Abigail to show the benefits of trusting God completely . . . You generally elucidates the significance of “what a person chooses to believe” over the mere fact of whether a person has faith . . . You’s friendly tone evokes small-group study, more personable than a pastor preaching from the pulpit…

A detailed . . . guide to Scripture for daily study and devotion, sidestepping sanctimony in favor of thoughtful tips and reader-friendly resources.

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