Kirkus Indie Review

Approaching religion with an academic sensibility, this autobiographical guide advocates the Bible as a text for intensive study, one to be regularly revisited by the faithful.

With a background in traditional Western philosophy, You develops her spiritual guide as a supplement to the postdoctoral academics that left her hungry for true wisdom . . . You demonstrates the breadth of her biblical knowledge by referencing numerous, often lesser-known stories from the Bible, including Asa as proof that God protects loyal followers and Abigail to show the benefits of trusting God completely . . . You generally elucidates the significance of “what a person chooses to believe” over the mere fact of whether a person has faith . . . You’s friendly tone evokes small-group study, more personable than a pastor preaching from the pulpit…

A detailed . . . guide to Scripture for daily study and devotion, sidestepping sanctimony in favor of thoughtful tips and reader-friendly resources.

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